Saturday, February 28, 2009

Ellie's New Scooter

For Elisabeth's birthday, Jake and I gave her a new scooter that we had actually purchased from Toys R Us last October when all of the stores were competing for customers by offering awesome deals. The scooter was one of them. Elisabeth was with us when we bought it. She picked up the model and started zipping around the store on it without any problems. We were so impressed that a 3 year old was doing that well on a 2 wheel scooter. Jake put it high away in the downstairs closet so it couldn't be found and was saved for her birthday. As soon as her party was over, she begged for Jake to take her out to the driveway. She put on her helmet and she was off! She did really well on it and loves it as much as her bike. Its going to be a fun summer with her.

This first picture is Ellie's true personality. The blue on her face is a marker that she says Kayden drew on her. I know my daughter and I don't believe for one minute that my darling daughter wasn't the co conspirator! In fact, I wouldn't have put it past her to ask him to do it. She's a goofy kid.

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Janice & Don said...

SO I can totally see that picture being part of her video montage at her wedding!!! She is such a goofball!