Wednesday, February 18, 2009


I found this off of my friend, Ashley's blog, who has a beautiful little girl a couple of weeks older than Nathan. These two are heart buddies and were in the NICU at Primary's together. Anyway, I liked the questions and so I'm posting them on my blog to answer.

* Was your first pregnancy planned? Yes

* Were you married at the time? Yes, for 2 years

* What were your reactions? I was so excited, and floored. Jake almost had a nervous breakdown.

* How did you find out you were pregnant? I was feeling really tired and awful. We were living with Janice and Mom for a couple of weeks when we were buying our townhome. Janice said I should take a pregnancy test. So I did. I came out of the bathroom and before I even said anything to Jake he was having a nervous breakdown.

* Who did you tell first? Jake!

* Did you want to find out the sex? Can Jake hold off till Christmas or his birthday to find out what his present is? Of course we had to!

* What was your due date? February 22, 2005.

* Did you have morning sickness? YES!!!

* What did you crave? Brick Oven Pizza

* What is the sex of that baby? A little (wait - 9lbs 11 oz isn't little!) girl

* How many pounds did you gain? I refuse to publish that information on the internet!

* Did you have any complications? No, but the doctors knew how big she was going to be so I elected to have her as a c-section. She would have been over 10lbs at birth had I tried to have her normally and I probably would have ended up with an emergency c-section anyway.

* How many hours were you in labor? ZERO

* Who was in the delivery room? Jake, Dr. Judd, Dr. Gordon, the "happy" doctor aka the anethesiologist, and a couple of nurses.

* When was your baby actually born? February 15, 2005

* How much did she weigh? 9lbs 11 oz

* What did you name her? Elisabeth Louise Ellinger, Elisabeth after my sister who passed away as a toddler- spelled with an S for biblical significance, and Louise after my mom who never had a grandchild named after her. We wanted her to be nicknamed Libby Lou but Jake's sister was already using the name Libby so we settled on Ellie.

* Will I do it again? Maybe. We'll wait to see about having another till Nathan gets older and more self sufficient. We're still having 3-4 doctor visits a month for him and therapists that come every week. Its gonna be a while, but hey, Ellie and Nathan are 3 years apart so we'll see.

I'm tagging the following to write about it on their blogs:

Kristen, Calli, Janice, Tammy, and Mom.

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Nic and Ashley Haws said...

We DEFINITELY need to catch up. I hope you are doing well! It sounds like you have been WAY busy.

I LOVED reading your little questionnaire! How fun is that! I wondered about the "S" in your little girls name. I think that's so cool!

Anyway, hope you're doing well!