Monday, February 16, 2009

Happy 4th Birthday Elisabeth!

I can't believe my once upon a time baby, infant, toddler is now a self proclaimed "Big Girl". Yesterday she turned 4! I remember pretty vividly when she was born. Both her grandma's were there loving that Ellie was given my mom's name as a middle name (Louise) and that she was born on Jake's mom's birthday too! I don't think it was chance either that she is tall like her Grandma Ellinger and sports the dark brown hair with a little bit of spunk like my mom. Did I say a little bit of spunk? I meant a lot of spunk around her family but when she's put in a public situation she is more reserved. She remembers my mom to some degree still and calls her "my old grandma" and Jake's mom "my new grandma". She loves them equally.

Ellie at birth:
9lbs. 11 0z.
21 1/2 inches

Ellie now:
41 pounds
I'm not sure the inches, but at 4 she is wearing size 5 in girls and isn't in the toddler section anymore!

Here's my top 10 favorites about Ellie in no particular order:

1. She has EXCELLENT communication skills. She started saying words such as ball, momma, dadda, and duck at 12 months. Now she's moved onto actually, coincidentally, definitely.

2. She is a princess. Need I say more?

3. She loves to play barbies and go to ballet but isn't afraid of playing trains or watching baseball with dad.

4. Every morning that she wakes up before I leave to work, she wanders in like a zombie to say "Good morning mom. Be safe at work and don't go by the bad man". (Quick explanation... I had a taxpayer's dog bite me last summer and I told Ellie that guy was a bad man. Ever since she won't stop talking about him.)

5. She's an artist.

6. She's my little side kick at the grocery store.

7. Even though she's outgrowing my lap, she still loves to sit on me at church and fall asleep. "Will you cuddle with me mom?" is one of her most used phrases.

8. She has child like faith. Whenever its her turn to say family prayers she always blesses Nathan and Grandma Ellinger. A couple of weeks ago she stopped blessing grandma. When asked why she said, "...because Heavenly Father already made her better. Now its Nathan's turn."

9. She has embraced having her little brother and his issues. She loves him even if she is being too much of a mother sometimes. She knows how to run his feeding pump and to get his food. She even shows him some of the new signs from Signing Time that she is learning.

10. She is very smart and thinks for herself. She will always let you know if you've had a good idea, a great idea, or um... I don't think that will work idea.

We are blessed to have her in our family. We love you Ellie!


Janice & Don said...

Happy Birthday Ellie!!! We love you so much! What I love most about Ellie is that she always make me smile and giggle. I can't believe that she's already 4... where has the time gone?

Hollie said...

Wow! Give Ellie a Happy Birthday wish from Ben and Elaina. It was so neat to be able to see her when we were up at PCMC. Thanks so much for all you do, your friendship is so very valuable to me! I hope that Nathan is finally over his sickies!
Love you!
Hollie, Ben and Elaina

Tammy said...

Happy Birthday Ellie! Kayden cant wait until your party hes wanted to come over every day since I told him he was going. lol kids