Saturday, June 21, 2008

An inside look at the button

Tonight I noticed that the bandage around Nathan's button was stained red. I took off the dressing and put him in the tub to carefully wash the button area as well as his head and bottom. When I had him back on the changing table I decided to check the water content of his balloon inside the button. He was in a happy mood and was playing with his hands. I took a syringe, put it to the port and withdrew the water from the balloon to check the level. Sure enough as I looked at the syringe it was on the lower side. I went to fill the balloon back with water when Nathan turned to his side and the button popped out of his stomach! I freaked out because although I was totally prepared to put it back in sometime in the future, I wasn't expecting it to pop out like that. Juices from the stomach started oozing out and draining down his front. I panicked!!! Jake came upstairs and told me to just put it back in. I gave him the "Are you nuts?" look but did as I was told. I tried to stick it back in gently but it just wouldn't go. Finally I gave it one good jab and it popped right back into place. We got fresh water to fill the port and finally had it attached to Nathan again. It was disgusting; the balloon was yellowed in a lot of areas and also contained a deep red color around most of it. We're sure that within the month or so that the button will have to be replaced with a new one. I'm sure we'll do the famous paper, rock, scissors duel to decide who the lucky one is that gets to put it in. One good thing about it is that when it comes out on accident again, we'll be prepared. Every day is a new adventure for our household!

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Mom & Dad Ellinger said...

The much dreaded moment arrived! ! ! That does sound freaky. I bet that is one reason you are soooo anxious to get him to eat and that button out. Always having that fear looming over you. But fortunately now you know how to handle it the next time [which hopefully there won't be a next time] except for the time you have to put a new one in. Too bad the doctor can't do that when you go for a visit or something. I am so glad you were able to handle it though. Seems that Nathan was oblivious to what was going on. It's good that you have recorded this and Nathan can see later how much his mom and dad had to deal with and how much they loved him to do all that.