Friday, June 13, 2008


Ok, so Jake & I aren't the brightest apples on the tree sometimes! One of the conditions of Nathan coming home is that he is required to be on a constant flow of oxygen. We had a huge tank that was brought in by Praxair when Nathan came home from the hospital to use occasionally if Nathan had a "tet" spell or his crying got out of control. We had only used it a hand full of times when Nathan was home for those 2 months. Jake and I realized that we needed to use the extension pack to be able to carry Nathan around the house. So, we tried to fill the extension pack from the main tank. We only ended up putting pressure without oxygen into the tank. It fell on its side and then it started this high screaming pitch coming from the bottom and sides of the tank. It sounded to us like it was going to blow up! Jake grabbed it like it was a bomb and frantically ran over to Brad Hamericks house in front of ours. Brad is the manager of Praxair in Lindon. Jake explained what we'd done and of course we hadn't filled the tank with the oxygen that we were actually supposed to! I blame this totally on the lack of sleep that we haven't gotten in the last week! Jake let all of the pressure out and the second time actually filled the portable container with the oxygen without any problems. For about 3 minutes there Jake and I swore that we were in trouble. Now we're thinking that maybe when we were babies we didn't get enough oxygen in our own brains!

Leave it to an Ellinger.....

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Mom & Dad Ellinger said...

I couldn't get into the other comment posts so will write all in this one. You have a delightful way of expressing what has happened and with all the emotion involved. It makes it fun to read. As far as the Huggies/Luv/WalMart diaper debate I think that now that you have done the research you should write it up in the medical journals, or at least the pediatric journals. Ask your scientific husband how to go about that (just kidding). Isn't it so entertaining when little Elisabeth just decides out of no where what she is going to do for the day, like wear her Cinderella dress. She is so funny. I had to laugh at your experience with the oxygen although it must have been pretty frightening at the time. You were fortunate to have Brad close by to help. I am so glad that everything worked out. Keep up the good blogging. You will never regreat it.