Wednesday, June 18, 2008

My Black-Eyed Beauty

Tonight, after I put Nathan down to bed, Elisabeth and I came into my room to read stories and work on the computer. I was surfing the Internet looking for possible daycare providers for Nathan and was engrossed in finding out information for how to place a help wanted ad in the Daily Universe for a nanny. Elisabeth must have noticed that I wasn't really paying attention to her and so she slipped into the bathroom. I thought she was going potty but she had other thoughts on her mind. She decided to have a field day with my mascara that I left on the counter this morning. Mascara has always been her favorite makeup with lipstick coming in at a close second. She proceeded to try and put it on. Obviously she got it everywhere except on her eyelashes where it actually belongs. I'm saving these pictures for proof when she's a teenager and learning how to put on makeup that she'll need a little help from someone else!

I could hardly be mad at her though. I didn't even notice what she had done because she quickly flushed the toilet and came and snuggled her back into me. She laid on my bed asleep for an hour before I picked her up and took her to her own room. That's when I had to grab the camera and take a few shots.

I'm grateful to be Ellie's mom. Even though she's a little headstrong and over-motherly to her brother, Elisabeth is more than I ever could have hoped for. I love the silly things she does and am discovering how fun it is to have a child who actually thinks for herself. I wish that Jake & I were in a situation where I could afford to stay home and spend more time with my kids. Until Jake gets a masters degree in administration, that really isn't a possibility yet. Plus, our million+ dollar baby needs the best health coverage he could get which is from the state. At any rate, I look forward to the evenings when we can do fun things together. I am grateful for my little family!

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Mom & Dad Ellinger said...

I remembered this morning that you had written these posts so was excited to read them. One again it is fun to read about all of your "recent history" of the family. Maybe one of these days when things are slowed down it might be fun to actually put some makeup on right for Ellie as a little treat for something to do. Then put her in her princess dress and take a picture. She is such a pretty little girl and yes she does say the "funniest things" like "otherwise". What a hoot!