Friday, June 20, 2008



A new day and a new problem....

Actually this problem with Nathan isn't new... its the result of spending 9 weeks in the NICU flat on his back with the nurses uncomfortable to turn him properly because of his distractors. So now Nathan has been diagnosed with positional plagiocephaly meaning literally.... FALSE HEAD. Poor child has such a flat head that when he had it scanned today the measurement was off by 30 on the flat side of his head compared to the place that is shapen normally on the back side. In a week and a half or so, Nathan will be the proud new owner of a STARband cranial remolding orthosis. Proud, I'm not sure, but at least it will help fix that problem. He should only have it on for about 3-4 months at the most.

More pictures to come when he actually gets it!

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Mom & Dad Ellinger said...

I am sure that he will look adorable in his little new "hat". We just need to keep convincing him that he looks very handsome in his little hat. Does he have to have it on all the time or does he ever get a break?