Friday, June 20, 2008

Someone Call the Fashion Police!

One might say that Elisabeth, in her very independent stage, could use a little fashion advice. Wow, that is such an understatement! Tonight Jake and I decided that we could use a little family time. We determined we'd go to Dairy Queen by Walmart and get some ice cream through the drive through and then come home and watch "Close Encounters of the Third Kind". Elisabeth thought that was a great idea and was extremely excited to go get her own ice cream. She had just gone potty and hadn't put her pants back on yet. We gently reminded her that she needed to get dressed so we could go. She ran back in her room and got new pants on that I had just folded and put away. This is how she came back:

Could it look any worse? Stripes and plaids are a for sure no go! What could we say though to change her mind? Elisabeth thought she looked great and was very proud of her attire. I had to shake my head at my strong willed child. Since we were only going through the drive up window to get the ice cream, Jake & I decided it wasn't worth the fight to make her change. I hope that when she becomes a teenager that her wardrobe choices will be a little better. And in conjunction with a few posts prior, that she'll actually understand how to put makeup on properly! If TLC did a child's version of "What Not To Wear" she'd be a shoo in.

A little note on Nathan: His feedings are going somewhat better than a couple of days ago. He is still trying to dry-heave but at least the constant wailing has cut down somewhat. I feel like we make progress and then we have to take a few steps back. He did, however, take a little formula from a medicine cup this afternoon for me. I let him play with the cup for a couple of minutes without any food in it. Then I put 10 cc's (1/3 an ounce) in the cup and held it to his lips. At first he was taken back by it, but the second time I tried he was a little more ready to swallow. I got the 10 cc's down him but by the end of it he wasn't sure he wanted more so I didn't force the issue. I'm thinking I'm going to try the bananas again tomorrow and see how he does with it mixed with the formula and through the medicine cup. Tonight I let him have a small taste of ice cream. He liked it on his lips, but he wanted to be in control of whether it came to his mouth or not. I'm hopeful that someday Nathan will like food and we can ditch the button! Only time will tell!

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Mom & Dad Ellinger said...

That was fun to read. You did the right thing to let her decide on what to wear as this is the time for learning "I am capable". She will learn as time goes on and as you drop little hints I am sure. I am impressed that she can stand on her head! Or is it an almost stand on your head. Every little bit of progress counts with Nathan. That was great that he got even that much formula down him. Good job!