Monday, October 20, 2008

Cardiology Rockstar!!!

Nathan went to see Dr. Cowley on October 10th in the University Parkway office (which I might add is so much better than driving up to Primary Children's and sitting in a crowded waiting room!). All of the tests were done (including the x-ray where Nathan was sitting up on a seat and being squished in by a machine to get an upright picture of his chest). He didn't like that one bit! Dr. Cowley admitted he was a little disappointed by Nathan's weight gain since after Nathan's heart surgery he should have picked up the pounds faster; but after a thorough exam Nathan passed with flying colors! There is not a noticable murmer and no valve leakage or reguritation.

You know what I was super impressed with about Dr. Cowley? When he walked into the exam room, the first thing he asked was how Nathan's feedings were going and if it had helped at all when he made the phone call to the Dr.Book in the GI clinic to get Nathan help faster. Dr. Cowley made me feel like he was doing everything possible in his power to help Nathan and that I was just as important of a member on Nathan's health care team as he was. Not many of Nathan's doctors are like that.

So as of right now, Nathan is a Cardiology Rockstar! That isn't to say that his pulmonary valve might give soon, but its working its best at the moment. What more at this point could we ask for?


Christina said...

I am glad things are looking good for Nathan. We too went to the Parkway clinic last week and it was wonderful!!!

hugs & prayers,
Jacob's momma

Janice & Don said...

I'm glad that you have a dr that treats you like you are important. I'm so happy that he is doing great!

Tammy said...

I bet nathen will inherit some sort of musical talent and just maybe he will be a real rockstar on a guitar!!! how awesome will that be! ( i will totally go to those concerts! maybe we could be old mom groupies)but I am glad that his ticker is keeping good time since its one of the most important in your system!! Way to go buddy!! lotsa love tammy