Wednesday, October 22, 2008

UEA Weekend Part 2 (Hogle Zoo and the Mayan)

On the 17th of October, Jake and I took the kids to the Hogle Zoo. I have to admit, while I thought the zoo was fun... I've been to quite a few other zoos that are much better! For instance, in St. Louis the zoo is paid for entirely by the city and is FREE. Plus, it has a better layout and the animals were a little more perky. Then there is the San Diego Zoo, Washington DC Zoo... Utah needs to catch up with the times.

For a 3 year old the Hogle Zoo sufficed. Ellie really loved the monkeys and once again softies Mom and Dad let her walk out of the zoo with a brand new pet monkey that can attach around her back and her neck. I don't remember what she named it, but the monkey and Sparky also accompany her to bed every night. Nathan received a small stuffed giraffe and has loved playing with it.

We were so hot even though it was a nice cool day! At 3:00 we decided to leave the zoo and go to the Mayan in Jordan Landing. Since we got there to eat dinner before the main traffic of people came through, they put us at the bottom table in front of the water. Elisabeth thought it was so awesome to see the divers. I think it was a great one time experience; the food was a little pricier than it should have been. You know what though? Sometimes you just have to splurge and see something different. After all, we were having a good "tourist in your own backyard" vacation as a family. It was nice to just be able to get out together!

I'm thinking that next time we hit the zoo, its going to be to San Diego. Perhaps we'll make it part of our vacation in the spring...


Janice & Don said...

If it makes you feel any better, the Nashville Zoo didn't even have hippos! At least the Hogle Zoo has the vast majority of animals that kids want to see. Our zoo did have prairie dogs though! Nathan is getting to be so cute with his "I'm up to something" smile :)

Christina said...

We were at the zoo on the 17th too! My kids had so much fun. It is nice to do family activities especially with dad able to be there.

hugs & prayers,

Tammy said...

I think its totally awesome to do mini vacations in your own "backyard" so to speak. I think kids appreciate it more then going to the big places sometimes :) you guys are such a cute family!! see you soon!