Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Just Calling Like She Sees It

Children don't really understand the idea of being polite; even when its hard not to be. Elisabeth is no different in that regard.

This morning I took her to Stone Drug after her doctor's appointment for a UTI to get her some medication. Walking in the door right in front of us was a punk teenager with EXTREMELY baggy pants. He was talking on the cell phone and not paying attention to anything around him. As he walked his pants started sliding down his behind and after 5-6 steps, his pants fell down to his knees! I was appalled because I didn't want to see his brick red boxers (with a nasty logo on the bum)and I certainly didn't want Elisabeth exposed to that. The guy got off of his phone and reached behind him to pull up his pants.

Without missing a beat Ellie said really loudly: "Mommy, why doesn't he wear pants that fit? He looks so silly with those pants! Mommy, you said we wear pants not to show our underwear! He's not obeying his mommy!"

It was all I could do not to start laughing! I know he heard everything she said I hope he actually thinks about it!

Can she call it like she sees it or what?


Tammy said...

I think its great that she just calls it like she sees it. Way to go elle I hope he heard her and goes home and thinks about it!! tammy

Mom & Dad Ellinger said...

What a great chuckle that Kath and I had reading your recent post. I have always dreaded that an occasion like that might happen to me and pants would drop down but it is so funny to hear about your experience at Stone Drug. All I can say is "let the babes speak, because it is usually the truth". I also hope that he heard. To me the guy needs to be reported for indecent exposure.

Janice & Don said...

I love that children can get away with things like this...I'm glad that she called him out! Too funny!

Janice & Don said...
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carolyn q said...

Good for her and you should be so proud that she listens to what you tell her. Oh, It would have been hard to control my laughter too.

You asked about the zipper bears. I have them. They are $10.00. I can drop one off to you, let me know okay?

Mike and Rebecca said...

Oh that is such a cute really are such good observers and I hope the "Punk" got the message!