Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Ellinger Family Halloween Party on October 25th

Even though Grandma Ellinger wasn't able to come to the party because she had to have surgery again, Kathleen was awesome and took over the party. She is such a great aunt to the kids; every kid needs an Aunt Kath. At the party the kids made spooky shakers, read Halloween stories, played Halloween Bingo and finally decorated pumpkin cookies. Elisabeth loved being able to get dressed up in her Minnie Mouse costume an extra time. One thing that is really great about the Ellinger cousins is that they are all so close in age and they all get along so great! Elisabeth always talks about Libby, Mallory, Keaton and Kierra and is excited to be able to see them. We had a fun time at the party!

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Mom & Dad Ellinger said...

It was fun to see the Halloween party pictures. It helps me to feel a part of it, even though I wasn't there. I am glad that the kids had fun. I know that Kristin and Kathleen were great to take over and help with following through and making it a fun time. I am also glad that the Ellinger cousins seem to get a long. I was amazed when I was down in Texas that when we would see pictures of Maryn's Ellinger cousins she remember them all, even the aunts and uncles. So even though she is far away she remembers her family here in Utah.