Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Happy Birthday Kathleen!

Yesterday was a very important day; not only was it Julia Roberts birthday but Kathleen's birthday as well! For Kath's birthday, Jake made a german chocolate cake and bought Breyer's chocolate ice cream. We were slight losers and forgot to buy birthday candles, so Kathleen became 007 for the night! We gave Kath a picture frame from Rod Works and then we carved pumpkins.

Like I mentioned in an ealier post, every kid needs an Aunt Kath. Last night she taught Ellie to gleek (then Kath put herself in time out for spitting), and also that pumpkins and people can be bulimic! Seriously though, she loves each of her nieces and nephews individually and is so good to come and babysit when needed. For us, she has been so helpful with Nathan because most people are still scared to take care of him with his wretching issues. Kath isn't afraid to be herself and I think that's important for the kids to see.


Mom & Dad Ellinger said...

It's fun to look and see what pictures that you got. You were very considerate to remember Kath's birthday. She really needed that. The evening was great - as usual filled with fun and laughter thanks to you guys.

Kathleen said...

Thanks to you guys my birthday (which had pretty much sucked until you guys came over) was a happy one! I appreciate the thoughtfulness. I'm glad we're related!