Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Our UEA Weekend Part 1 (Discovery Gateway Children's Museum)

If you haven't ever been to the Children's Museum at the Gateway, it is time for you to give in and go! Jake and I originally wanted to go to Southern California with the rest of Utah and hang out at Disneyland but we got a little greedy and decided to spend our money on a backyard instead. Oh well, there's always next spring and Elisabeth didn't even know we were going to go so no huge loss there.

Jake and I decided that we really needed a mini vacation for our family though and UEA weekend was the perfect time to do it. So we took Elisabeth and Nathan to the Children's Museum on Thursday (October 16th) to hang out. It was so much fun, and crowded, with lots of building activities and Halloween crafts, and crowded, and an awesome exhibit on Intermountain Health Care's Life Flight program, and did I mention CROWDED? Elisabeth loved every minute of it. She had Jake wrapped around her little finger and together they explored the world of the Postal Worker. That's right... Ellie spent a solid hour interested in delivering the mail to the correct mail boxes. I was hoping she'd grow up to be a doctor or a nurse; but hey, being a government worker has its perks too if you don't mind dogs chasing after you!

Elisabeth was particularly interested in making her spider and also examining the human body figure that they had where kids could see the organs and put them where they are supposed to go. She loved seeing what Nathan's and her heart looked like. So there's hope she'll have a better career than her previous interest. We went to lunch at the food court and came back to spent a while playing with the balls. The coolest thing was that I met another heart mom while watching Ellie play. I had been feeding Nathan with his pump and she pointed to her little boy who was approximately 20 months (who barely looked 12 months) and said she'd had to do the same thing with him. We struck a great conversation and she told me that even though her little boy had barely learned to walk a couple of months ago, he was still making progress and trying to catch up! I love to see heart kids who are doing great! Softies as we are, we also let Elisabeth purchase "Sparky" our new stuffed dragon who we refer to as a dinosaur since Ellie's favorite book at the moment is "How Do Dinosaur's Say Good Night?". She's packed Sparky with her everywhere since we bought him.

After the Children's Museum, we took Ellie and Nathan to Barnes and Noble in Orem and let Ellie pick a couple of books that she'd like. Jake and I have such a soft spot for buying children's books and reading to the kids. We think that is one of the reasons that Elisabeth has such a great vocabulary at her young age. We browsed a little long at the bookstore and drove frantically home to watch BYU be decimated by TCU. Ah, the quest for perfection hit a major bump in the rode but we still love our BYU Cougars!

We had a great day!


Janice & Don said...

Elisabeth is getting to be such a big kid~ and Nathan is getting so much hair!!!! I think he may have more than Nolan (I think my children are destined to be bald until around 2). Sounds like you had fun- wish we were there to go too!

Sheena said...

Sounds like a lot of fun. I've been trying to get Eric to take us to a similar place downtown, but we haven't gotten there yet. Oh Nathan, what can I say except what a cutie! I LOVE his hair!

Mom & Dad Ellinger said...

I am surprised that I haven't commented on this yet. I love the pictures. They are priceless and will bring back so many good memories. Elisabeth is adorable and looks like she is having fun at the zoo. Nathan just has a very special smile and demeanor that just touches grandma's heart. Keep up the good work enjoying these little ones and giving them those special opportunities to learn and view the world.